Clean and Well Organized

I am stoked that a spin studio opened walking distance from my apartment in Takoma. I purchased the VIP Unlimited package in hopes that it would motivate me to get out of bed early. The studio is small but clean and well-organized. Towels are provided and BYO water bottle. There are cubbies to store your belongings during class. Booking classes online is easy, and you can even select your bike ahead of time. Speaking of the bikes, there are 18 brand new Keiser spin bikes in the studio and I am astounded by how quiet they are. You can barely hear the flywheels moving. All the better to hear the awesome music! There is a leaderboard that tracks your stats -- so far they have only shown it at the beginning and end of class. You can assign yourself a nickname or opt out of the leaderboard altogether. You will need a Polar H7 heart rate monitor if you want to track your heart rate and more accurate calorie-burning stats.

I'm so happy I found CYCLED!

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