A few words from our community...

A Sense of Community

At first I was a bit skeptical, because I was used to Zengo Cycle/ Soul Cycle (which I still totally enjoy), but Cycled gives you a great workout! While I love riding to the beat and turning the resistance knob, actually getting to see the RPM and resistance level makes me work a lot harder than the other studios that don't have this feature.

Probably the most unique thing about this studio is that it has a sense of community to it from the minute you walk in - which I've never felt in other studios. People know each other and stay around and chat. The teachers are just the right amount of professional and friendly. I also love that the crowd is more diverse than I'm used to... age, race, gender..the whole gamut.

Lastly, the candle that they burn there makes the place smell SOOO good.

A Huge Thank You to CYCLED!

Today I looked back at my calendar for 2017 and realized it's been over 3 months since I first started spinning at CYCLED. So, with that in mind, I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for making CYCLED such a special place to ride!

I had only taken a few spin classes before I booked my first ride at the Silver Spring studio and, although I suspected spin was a workout I should enjoy, I never felt comfortable in the classes. Some of them were in studios that were so dark I couldn't see the instructor's form or demonstrations of technique (like jumps!); and I definitely wasn't getting any personal attention or coaching. How could I in a room with 50+ bikes?! Even more frustrating was that so many of those first classes made me feel out of place and unwelcome. I didn't have the perfectly coordinated outfits or the thin body that seemed to be a *requirement* at some of those studios.

That should have put me off from spin and, honestly, it did for a while. But living above the Silver Spring studio and hearing the music and the energy that literally poured out of the windows made me think maybe I should give spin one more try. Walking into my first class at CYCLED (with the awesome Meredith!) was a breath of fresh air. I can't tell you enough how empowering it is for someone trying to create new, healthy habits to walk into a class full of people that look like... people! I love that the classes at CYCLED look like the communities that surround the studios--riders of all backgrounds, genders, orientations, ages, and body types are represented.

While that first impression was powerful and remains one of my favorite things about CYCLED, it's the rides that keep me coming back. I've never found a workout that I could stick to and enjoy for this long. I feel so strong, energized, and empowered after every class and I hate when I have to miss a class. Each instructor has a different style but they're all attentive, knowledgeable, and full of passion for what they do. I also love that the class sizes allow instructors to greet each rider, offer form adjustments, and provide personal encouragement and motivation.

CYCLED has made me stronger and given me a chance to challenge myself and feel proud when I meet my goals. My rides have also gotten me through hard weeks at work, holiday stress, and even through losing two grandparents late last year. Thank you for giving me a place to work out where I feel like I belong, where I feel like I've grown, and where I can leave the rest of the world at the door and focus on myself and my health--even if only for 45 minutes!

Many thanks and looking forward to many more rides

Designed for all Levels

First class today at the new location & it was great. Some free parking right in front of the door. Love the decor and feel of the studio. If you frequent SoulCycle like I do, you'll understand the comfortable difference in the classes. I love the CYCLED! bikes, they feel better and I like knowing my gear and speed to challenge myself harder each time. I also like the opportunity to work at varying levels...you'll never feel lost in CYCLED! classes or like you'll never achieve the level of the other riders.

I love CYCLED!

Clean and Well Organized

I am stoked that a spin studio opened walking distance from my apartment in Takoma. I purchased the VIP Unlimited package in hopes that it would motivate me to get out of bed early. The studio is small but clean and well-organized. Towels are provided and BYO water bottle. There are cubbies to store your belongings during class. Booking classes online is easy, and you can even select your bike ahead of time. Speaking of the bikes, there are 18 brand new Keiser spin bikes in the studio and I am astounded by how quiet they are. You can barely hear the flywheels moving. All the better to hear the awesome music! There is a leaderboard that tracks your stats -- so far they have only shown it at the beginning and end of class. You can assign yourself a nickname or opt out of the leaderboard altogether. You will need a Polar H7 heart rate monitor if you want to track your heart rate and more accurate calorie-burning stats.

I'm so happy I found CYCLED!

Engaging Instructors

Took a class with Mel on Tuesday night! It was my first spin class and it was awesome! Music was hype... the ride was challenging... and Mel kept us engaged throughout the ride. I really like the bikes and, after, they give us our stats! I'm looking forward to the next ride soon!

Rooftop Ride

Today was my first ever spin class, which also happened to be the live DJ rooftop ride, so I was pretty excited going in. It was definitely intense, but the music was perfect, and Ryan did an amazing job of motivating and pushing me to keep going. I definitely want to keep going and get myself in shape with this incredible workout.

First Cycling Class

I took my first class at the Takoma Park location over the weekend and loved it! Got my butt kicked, however, it was a great workout. I am so grateful this opened in our great little neighborhood. No excuse to take workout classes now! The instructor was equally attentive to everyone, regardless of what level you are at. I was happy to receive stats via email after the class, so I now I know how I want to set personal workout goals. Also, really enjoyed the music!

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