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Join Barre Tech, LLC and CYCLED! for a 2 day intensive barre training October 7-8 (regularly $1200). You will train directly with Amy Barnes, owner of Barre Tech, LLC, during a two day intensive course from 11:00am - 7:00pm at CYCLED! Takoma Park.

Save up to $700 with early registration !The course includes 1 training manual, 4 sample class plans and 4 sample playlists, along with links to essential reference materials to start your group fitness passion! Following the training, all participants will up to receive 4-weeks of virtual mentorship.

CYCLED! will hire up to 5 barre instructors following the training! Fuel your passion for barre and group fitness training through this amazing course, and quickly become one of the DMV's highly sought after barre instructors!


  • Barre Tech Mission

  • Why barre works? (exercise sciences, such as anaerobic vs. aerobic)

  • Basic anatomy

  • Ballet terminology and barre-lingo

  • Alignment and signature 4-pt TECHnique (for a better core and posture)

  • Choreographed Warm Up in 2 parts

    • Total Body

    • Sculpting with weights or bands

  • Lower body interval exercises plus stretches for Thigh and Seat sections

    • Targeted muscle groups

    • Modifications (injuries, prenatal, etc…) and progressions

    • Cues to form

    • Hands on correction

    • Exercise accessories (weights, balls, bands, etc…) and their role in greater challenges, better form, modifications, and more for optimal participation and performance

    • Stretch flow and variations

  • Sets of targeted core work

    • Barre 60: Round Back, Flat Back, Center Abs

    • Barre 45: Single sequence fusing the above sections using the band on barre

  • Super sets (HIITs)

  • Final stretch and cool down

  • Class Elements/Instructor style

    • Transition-cueing

    • Musicality and Vocal performance

    • BPMs and playlist development

    • BT choreography/formulas

    • Client care and retention

  • Suggested reference books for self-study and the enhanced understanding of movement

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